Indonesian icon and pianist extraordinaire, Amazon Customer’s Review

August 7, 2018

Indonesian icon and pianist extraordinaire, Amazon Customer’s Review

Dwiki Dharmawan draws from both his extensive jazz influences and his rich cultural heritage and delivers yet another spellbinding masterwork! Brimming with adventurous compositions, ingenious arrangements and superlative performances, “Rumah Batu” (meaning “the stone house” in Indonesian Bahasa language) almost defies categorization – eclipsing both progressive jazz and world music genres. While a score of diverse ethnic flavors abound throughout, within its nucleus resides the free-spirited, unpretentious essence that epitomizes the greatest jazz.
Dwiki Dharmawan’s music comes out of nature – as close to the soul of air and sky and water as any musical ensemble has come.

The ensemble is DWIKI DHARMAWAN – acoustic piano, NGUYÊN LÊ – electric guitar, soundscapes, CARLES BENAVENT – bass guitar, YARON STAVI – upright bass, ASAF SIRKIS – drums and special guests DEWI GITA- lead vocals, SA’AT SYAH- suling flute, vocals, , ADE RUDIANA – kendang percussion, TEUKU HARIANSYA and INDRA MAULINA KEUBITBIT – Rapa’ss Acehnese percussions, NYOMAN WINDHA’s GAMELAN JASS JEGOG – Balinese gamelan & percussions, and SMIT – vocals, LaLove traditional Sulawesi flute.

The Tracks are Rintak Rebana, Paris Barantai, Impenan, Janger, Rumah Batu Suite Part 1 – Kaili, Rumah Batu Suite Part 2, Samarkand, and Selamatkan Orang Utan.

Welcome to a musical sojourn unlike any the genre has ever witnessed! Sensational music making! Grady Harp, July 18