: Dwiki Dharmawan – So Far So Close

March 24, 2016 : Dwiki Dharmawan – So Far So Close

Keyboardist Dwiki Dharmawan is also a successful producer in Southeast Asia, yet this album signifies his debut for the estimable progressive rock and jazz fusion record label, Moonjune Records. And you couldn’t ask for a more equipped and talented supporting lineup, including legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra violinist Jerry Goodman, appearing on the melodic and penetrating, classic fusion era type opener “Arafura.”

The crystalline program was recorded in Los Angeles by contemporary jazz keyboardist Jeff Lorber, who engineered a detailed soundstage that among other niceties, accentuates Dharmawan’s layered and multihued operational faculties. He inserts memorable hooks into his repertoire amid complementary elements, evidenced on the anthem-like and textural ballad “Bromo,” featuring his fellow countryman and rising-star guitarist, Dewa Budjana’s lush, distortion-packed soloing.

Dharmawan intersperses stately synth lines along with bassist Jimmy Haslip’s robust fretless bass patterns and of course, drummer Chad Wackerman brings it all back home on several occasions with his brisk polyrhythmic fills. Another young future guitar hero from Indonesia is guitarist Tohpati (simakDialog) who performs on acoustic and electric guitars on three tracks. In addition, his trio album Tribal Dance (Moonjune, 2014) also featured Haslip and Wackerman laying down the fuzoid grooves.