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January 8, 2010

Around the Globe

2.DD on Synth 2008 web

Dear all my beautiful friends and fans, 2009 has been a very important and very productive year for me..this year.

My career has moved one step ahead in 2009. I travelled with my group internationally, to play in D.P.R Korea for April Springs Festival (with Krakatau), then in New York, USA (with The Soul of Indonesia) promoting ‘Batik’. UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a masterpiece of oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity on October 2, 2009. as part of the acknowledgment, UNESCO insisted that Indonesia preserve their heritage. During USA Tour i had a chance for a recording session with Earny Adams (Drums), Howard Levy (Harmonica), Dewa Budjana (Guitar) and Indro Hardjodikoro (Bass)at Steve Ford Music Studio, Chicago for several new compositions and give a workshop at University of Wisconsin School of Music. After USA Tour I also play in Abudhabi for Abudhabi Film Festival 2009 (with Kamal Musallam and Rascha Rizkl). In Indonesia, World Peace Orchestra held a prestigious concert for ADB Board of governors -Inspiring Cultural Night at GWK Bali which included 100 musicians and 500 dancers on 3rd of May. In June I released Dwiki Dharmawan-World Peace Orchestra after the long journey with the big support from my friend Gita Wiryawan and OPP Team, as well as respected musicians Roger Burn, Steve Thornton, Russel Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Andy Suzuki, Tollak Ollestad, Michael Paulo, Marc Antoine, Guy Strazz,Ayko Akhrief, Frank Gambale, Rich Breen, Indro, Ivan Nestorman, Dewa Budjana, Dira, Sandy,Peni and many more…..while promoting KOMODO National Park for new 7 Wonders (Vote Komodo). Komodo Island is famous for giant pre-historic lizards, considerd the last of their kind remaining the world today. komodo ‘dragon’ actually is a giant lizard which growing up to 3 to 4 meters in length, its ancestors roamed the earth up to about half a million years ago.

2009 end with the launch of ‘Sahabat PMI’ charity album dedicated to Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and my visit to Kupang, East Nusatenggara for a collaborative performance for Sasando Festival. The sasando musical instrument is believed to have been created on Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara, in the 18th century. It is made from bamboo, metal and wood (usually from the Cendana tree). There are two known types of sasando: a sasando gong, with 10 strings, which can only be used to play traditional music with ‘slendro scale’. The second type is a sasando violin, with 24 strings, and which can play any style of music (with diatonic scale). Beside ‘Angklung’ Indonesia proposed ‘Sasando’ to be UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. so far UNESCO has designated Wayang, Keris and Batik.

2009’s missions, passions, and tensions has led me to several important changes in my musicial path: exploring the richness of world of music.

Therefore, 2010 will feature many activities and new projects, as :

-Together with Dr.Anggito Abimanyu received an apreciation from Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Mr.Haruhiko Kuroda at ADB Head Quarter in Manila on 3rd February 2010 for our contribution composing ‘From Asia to the World’ as ADB Theme Song

– Performance at Phillipines International Jazz Festival 2010 in Manila with SEA Jazz Project (feat:Lewis Pragasm, Dewa Budjana, Jeri de Leon) 28 February 2010

– Performance at JAVAJAZZ FESTIVAL : 5 March 2010 in Jakarta: DWIKI DHARMAWAN PROJECT with Barry Likumahuwa on bass and Deva Permana on Drums : in this occasion will be Launching LIVE DVD ALBUM : Dwiki Dharmawan and Friends Live at The Baked Potato in memory of Roger Burn. feat : Jimmy Haslip (bass), Walfredo Reyes Jr (Drums), Andy Suzuki (Sax), Steve Thornton (Percussion) and last but not least Roger Burn. under JavaJazz Live Dvd Series:with the big support from all musicians and Javajazz Festival Chairman Peter Gontha.

-Making the Theme Song for LIVE EARTH – Save Water as well as Performance on 18 April 2010 for Live Earth Concert which will be broadcasting to 40 countries.

-Cultural Mission , Promoting Indonesia in London UK 1 to 28 April

– Cultural Tour in Italy (Rome, Venice and Tuscany) in 17 to 24 May with Bandung Institute of Arts (STSI) :Sundanese Dance and Music

– Cultural Mission to Moskow, St Petersburg and Twer (Russia) in anniversary of 60 years diplomatic mission between Russia and Indonesia. 24 to 30 May 2010.

-Performance at WORLD EXPO 2010 – SHANGHAI, PR CHINA for several time (July, August, September and October).

and much more.. 🙂

I hope we will always be in touch, and that all the music i and my colleagues produce for you will bring you all the joy good in PEACE, will that we all look for in our own lives…i always appreciate your comments, and critisism for all what i do. your participation is essential if we want to reach better results and help the culture of our region as well as the whole world of music to flourish..

love and peace