Dwiki Dharmawan rilis singel terbaru A Night in Murcia sebagai FMA

Direkam di 5 kota bersama israel Varela, Julian Heredia, Kamal Musallam, Steve Thornton dan Agam Hamzah. Single baru Dwiki Dharmawan berjudul “A Night in Murcia” dengan Israel Varela, Julian Heredia, Kamal Musallam, Steve Thornton dan Agam Hamzah, datang untuk kolaborasi bersejarah pertama untuk Aset Musik Fraksional (FMA). Dwiki membawa kita ke kota Murcia yang indah ..

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Introduce Netra.Live

Join the music revolution where you can co-own your favorite song and getting streaming revenue by holding their FMA (Fractional Music Asset).https://netra.live/

Dwiki Dharmawan warmly welcomes the invitation to attend and perform at the 1st International Moonjune Music Festival – Jajce 2022

Dwiki Dharmawan invited to participate at the 1st International MoonJune Music Festival which will be held in Jajce, Bosnia & Herzegovina, on June 24, 24 and 26 of 2022. This Festival is aimed to celebrate (with one year delay due to the covid outbreak situation in the world), 20 years of Moonjune Records (internationally award ..

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Dwiki Dharmawan: Hari Ketiga

Hari Ketiga is presented as a logbook of a voyage from the Earth to the moon, and beyond, to contact with music from distant planetary systems—a sprawling outer space improv opera as dense and difficult to fathom as Frank Herbert’s first three Dune novels, or Samuel Delany’s Dhalgren. It began simply enough: Leonardo Pavkovic assembled ..

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Indonesian Jazz Ambassador perform in Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, Johannesburg 26-28 September 2019

For the first time Indonesian jazz Ambassador Dwiki Dharmawan performed and amazed South African Public in “22ndStandard Bank Joy of Jazz" Johannesburg, South Africa from 26-28 September 2019. Indonesian jazz delegation consisting of Dwiki Dharmawan (accoustic piano and synthesizer), Cucu Kurnia (Sundanese percussion), Rudy Zulkarnain (Accoustic and Electric Bass), Ita Purnamasari (Vocal) teamed up with South African Saxophonist Sisonke Xonti in Sandton Convention Centre.

Electronic Press Kit

Dwiki Dharmawan is among Indonesia’s most gifted and celebrated music personalities: a multi-genre keyboardist; skilled composer and producer, and; a conscientious peace activist, equally committed to ecological preservation.