: DWIKI DHARMAWAN – So Far So Close

January 12, 2016 : DWIKI DHARMAWAN – So Far So Close

Celebration of the spirit: footloose, and sometimes furious, filigree fusion from Indonesia’s fast-fingered finest, with enviable company to help him roll it.
One may thought that jazz-rock lost its progressive motion before the ’70s were over, and even in its heyday ivories-based gems in the vein of David Sancious debut used to be rare but, fortunately, there’s a great distance between Jakarta and New York, so the notions of passing fads have some way to go to settle in local creative minds. That’s where the title of Dwiki Dharmawan’s proper international debut comes into play, the keyboardist twining American fusion tradition and traditional Javanese melodies – with his compatriots in a six-string department and elite rhythm section for enhanced flexibility – while gently pushing the result towards retrofuturism.