The Soul of Indonesia

January 21, 2009

The Soul of Indonesia



Plennary Hall – JCC, 6 March 2009 at 18.00 – 19:15


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Music Director/Composer : Dwiki Dharmawan

Gamelan Director/Co Composer : I Nyoman Windha

Featuring :
Dira (voice), Peni Candrarini (sinden/traditional voice), Ivan Nestorman (voice), Edo Kondologit (voice)

“The Soul of Indonesia”

The Soul of Indonesia demonstrate “practice change” of music in Indonesia. In it, Dwiki concerned with how the traditional music are able to answer the demand of new nationhood through their creativity. This concert also focuses on how people, as inventors, sustainers, and communicators of traditional music, develop strategies to accommodate the change.Dwiki Dharmawan is very proud of his nationalism and strongly believe in internasionalism, He want his generation to have spirit to always seek new ideas and innovation based on the richness of their own traditions, diversity and pluralism as given. Because a nation’s greatness is reflected in her arts and culture.

Dwiki Dharmawan creates jazz influenced by the traditional music of Indonesia, where he came of age on the west part island of Java. His band, Krakatau, is acclaimed worldwide and his newest project, the World Peace Orchestra (WPO), aims to bring social harmony and consciousness to the globe. The powerful lineup of the WPO includes keyboardist Russell Ferrante, bassist Jimmy Haslip, percussionist Steve Thornton, drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr, multi-instrumentalist Roger Burn, saxophonist Andy Suzuki  Tollak Ollstad (harmonica), guitarist Frank Gambale, guitarist Marc Antoine, saxophonist Michael Paulo, guitarist Guy Strazz and many more who are all helping Dharmawan create a new chapter in the evolution of jazz — while making music with a grander purpose.

Dwiki Dharmawan’s Global Harmony Orchestra is a 70 pcs orchestra which has its own development and characteristics. . “My dream is that I want the “Global Harmony Orchestra” and “World Peace Orchestra” to bring different cultures together for peace,” says Dwiki. “We are promoting peace in the world through music and music can deliver that message.

Can music save the world? With multi-cultural jazz as their vehicle, Dwiki Dharmawan and the World Peace Orchestra (WPO) have made it their mission.(Keyboards Magazine-July 2008)

Dwiki has presented his works at The Lincoln Center Out of Door Festival (New York), Chicago Cultural Center, Hot Summer Jazz, Toronto Jazz Festival , Vancouver Jazz Festival ,Sziget Festival (Hungary), Midem (France), North Sea Jazz (Holland), the Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switszerland), Galapajazz (Spain), Temecula Jazz (USA), Javajazz Festival as well as in numerous other performances in China, Japan, Australia, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Venezuela, Mexico, and many more.(musikita2009)



6 March 2009 18:00 Global Harmony Orchestra Live at JAVAJAZZZ FESTIVAL – Plennary Hall Jakarta Convention Center

14 March 2009 20:00 LIVE at SALIHARA THEATER, Jakarta : “Topeng Jazz”

10 – 18 April KRAKATAU North Korea Tour

29 April 2009 19:00 Dwiki Dharmawan and STSI Padang Panjang Orchestra live at Imam Bonjol Stadium Padang – Opening Cermony of “TOUR THE SINGKARAK”

4 May 2009 09:00  Dwiki Dharmawan live at Opening Ceremony of Asian Development Bank – Annual Meeting at Westin Hotel , Nusa Dua Ballroom Bali, with  I Nyoman Sura (Choreoghrapher) and I Nyoman Windha (Balinese Composer)

4 May 2009 20:00 ‘THE SOUL of INDONESIA’ live at GWK Bali, World Peace Orchestra conducted by Dwiki Dharmawan , with I Nyoman Sura (Choreoghrapher), I Nyoman Windha (Balinese Composer), I Ktut Rina (Kecak Dance)

21 May 2009 20:00 ‘the WORLD PEACE ORCHESTRA’ in concert – Plennary Hall Jakarta Convention Center feat: ANGGUN (to be confirmed)