Report from Australian Institute of Music

April 2, 2007

Report from Australian Institute of Music



A performance and workshop was presented by the Indonesian prestigious musician Dwiki Dharmawan and Ade Rudiana, both are the members of Krakatau on the 27th March to the students and staff of the Australian Institute of Music. The performance began at 4.30 P.M and lasted one and a half hours.

The performers introduced Indonesian styled jazz through two very exciting pieces, followed by a lively question and answer session. The concert concluded with a combined Australian/Indonesian piece performed by members of Krakatau and various staff and students from The Australian Institute of Music.

The performance was extremely well received by all and proved to be highly educational by providing an insight into traditional and contemporary Indonesian instruments in combination with ‘western’ instrumentation. Dwiki Dharmawan explained in great detail the application of Indonesian scales and tuning in jazz and contemporary performance. He demonstrated the Kendang’s relationship with western drum kit through a performance with Deva Permana.

It was particularly pleasing to hear a former Australian Institute of Music students, Deva Permana and current teacher Wendy Anggerani performing with the group. Overall it was a remarkable event, highly entertaining and educational in many ways.

The Australian Institute of Music was thrilled to present the concert and we are very interested in establishing formal musical and educational collaborations with performers and educational institutions in Indonesia.

Elizabeth Jones : – Julian Gough :
Contemporary Performance Department – Australian Institute of Music