April 2, 2014




(Clipping from THE JAKARTA POST)

The second day of the 2014 Clear Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival was graced by musical performances from local jazz legends and award-winning international artists.

On Saturday, festival-goers at the biggest hall at the JIExpo in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, witnessed the first reunion concert of the legendary band, Krakatau Reunion.

Performing in their most solid formation, which comprised guitarist Donny Suhendra, bassist Prasadja Budi Dharma, Trie Utami on vocals, Dwiki Dharmawan and Indra Lesmana on keyboards and drummer Gilang Ramadhan, the band stole the night.

The crowd cheered as the band appeared onstage, performing “Kembali Satu” (Back Together) taken from their Kembali Satu album, released in 1990. They continued the show with “Kemelut” (Chaos).

Trie constantly interacted with the audience, telling them amusing anecdotes about the songs. “They often composed songs that were hard to sing. Can you imagine, I had to sing this song the first time I joined the band in 1986?” said Trie, referring to “Cita Pasti” (Certain Hopes).

The band that was founded in 1985 brought the audience back in time with their classic hits, including “Dirimu Kasih” (You Are My Love) and “Perjalanan” (The Journey).

Although Trie sometimes found it difficult to reach the higher notes, her energetic performance and the band’s pop/rock-jazz fusion sounds generally succeeded in blowing the audience away.

Krakatau Band had been the most prolific jazz band in Indonesia, selling more than 5 million records from 1986 to 1990.