Hot New Release 2015 from Moonjune Records “SO FAR SO CLOSE” DWIKI DHARMAWAN

September 4, 2015

Hot New Release 2015 from Moonjune Records “SO FAR SO CLOSE” DWIKI DHARMAWAN

“So Far, So Close” is the first of multiple releases slated for Dwiki Dharmawan and MoonJune Records over the coming years. The album was recorded in Los Angeles, in January 2015, at Jeff Lorber’s recording studio. It features my dear friends who have served as the foundation of many musical battles, Jimmy Haslip and Chad Wackerman. The album also features Dwiki’s longtime close friend (and my dear friend), the Indonesian guitar icon Dewa Budjana, and his fellow compatriot and otherworldly axeman, Tohpati, and as well the legendary violinist, Jerry Goodman.

I have known Dwiki for over a decade now, and consider him a dear friend. His addition to the MoonJune’s label bolsters any already-impressive array of both veteran and up-and-coming Indonesian progressive jazz and fusion artists: Dewa Budjana, SimakDialog, Tohpati, Tesla Manaf and I Know You Well Miss Clara.

Dwiki’s talent is immense, and many future collaborations with other great MoonJune artists from across the globe are already in the works. Those who take the view that fusion is “past tense” are in for some very pleasant surprises, as this extraordinary MoonJune debut showcases some fabulous compositions and arrangements augmented by some superb individual performances, and encompassing a variety of influences (such as jazz, funk, psychedelic, avant garde, ethno jazz and more).

It is with the greatest pleasure that I introduce to the progressive music world the fabulous music of the Indonesian maestro, Dwiki Dharmwan. Dwiki is one of his country’s most prominent musicians an icon in his homeland and it is an honor to have him among my record label’s roster.

Dwiki is an accomplished pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, performer, peace activist, and a true cultural ambassador of his beloved country. He has forged a very successful career (one that already spans more than 30 years), performing in over 70 countries with both solo and collective projects. (His band Krakatau remains one of Indonesia’s most famous bands ever.)

Fans of MoonJune and its unique, uninhibited stylings of multi-genre musical adventures will delight in “So Far, So Close”.

Please join me in welcoming a truly great, accomplished artist into the MoonJune fold.

Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records

Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Mini Moog, Hohner Clavinet,
Hammond Organ, Korg Synth, Acoustic Piano, Vocals (track 3, 4)

JIMMY HASLIP – Bass Guitar
DEWA BUDJANA – Electric Guitar (tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 8)
TOHPATI – Electric Guitar (tracks 3, 5), Acoustic Guitar (track 4)
JERY GOODMAN – electric violin (track 1)
I NYOMAN WINDHA – Gamelan Jegog, Balinese Kendang, Suling (Bamboo Flute), Vocals (track 6)

GITARKU Records – Museum GITARKU

Recorded at
JHL Sound, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, January 14 & 15, 2015.
Recording session engineered by Jeff Lorber.

Additional recordings and post-production recorded at DSS Studio & Musikita Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia,
by Sulthon, January and February 2015.

Mixed and Mastered by Robert Feist at RavensWork Studios, Los Angeles, in February and July 2015.

It was an immense pleasure to record and engineer Dwiki Dharmawan’s international record debut on the New York-based label, MoonJune Records. There was a great vibe in the studio and everybody brought their “A-Game. I met Dwiki Dharmawan and Dewa Budjana for the first time; both of them, extremely focused, and they played brilliantly. Even though I’ve played live with Chad Wackerman in the past, this was the first time I’ve had the pleasure of having him and hearing him in my studio at the recording session and he literally killed it! And it’s always fun to work with my great friend and collaborator for many years, Jimmy Haslip. This was a great pleasure and a lot of fun to be part of.

Jeff Lorber, musician, recording engineer

Not even in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I’d be on this magical musical journey — still, after more than 30 years. I am extremely grateful for this and wish to Thank Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, and everyone who has accompanied me on this journey in Indonesia, and during the course of many musical adventures, spanning five continents.

I also wish to acknowledge and express my debt of gratitude to my two mentors: one of my best friends and musical companion for three decades, my musical brother, Dewa Budjana; and to my old friend, Leonardo Pavkovic, of MoonJune Records with whom I am finally collaborating, and who, after all this time of me being a part of the music industry, is unveiling some truly new and exciting horizons for me. Leonardo has proven himself to be not only a dear brother, but also a man who is very passionate and committed to promoting an array of artists from my native country of Indonesia.

For my debut for MoonJune Records, Leonardo kindly arranged all the logistics and details for this fantastic L.A. session; in the warm, cozy atmosphere of Jeff Lorber’s studio, with his pals Jimmy Haslip (with whom I have recorded and performed live, previously) and Chad Wackerman, in addition to Dewa Budjana. Among the many strings he managed to pull, Leonardo also arranged for the legendary violinist, Jerry Goodman, to make a special guest appearance on the opening album’s track, “Arafura.”. Tohpati provided some additional guitar parts, as well. The making of the entire album was an enchanting experience that I will never forget.

I dedicate this album “So Far, So Close” to my lovely wife Ita, and my dear son Nanda or their enduring love, understanding and support: and for the memory of my late beloved mother, Mamah Yuniarti Sugatin Safiyudin.

Dwiki Dharmawan