September 8, 2007



On 24 August 2007, Farabi Music Education institute held a musical exhibition featuring bands consisting of its pupils from various branches such as Dharmawangsa, Bintaro, Hang Lekir, Kelapa Gading, Cempaka Mas, Bogor and Cibubur. Taking place in Bugs Café in Pondok Indah, ‘Farabi Music Day 2’ was overcrowded with Farabi students alongside with their friends and families. From those coming to witness the show, to those supporting and rooting for their performing friends, the event was a riot. The ten finalists competing for top position were Selonia, Ji Yu, Limited Edition, R.W.H., Hekta, Reverse, D’Aiya, White Heaven, Azel & Friend and Potenzio. For the occasion, the final ten bands showcased their own songs and creativity in arrangements. Their performances were appraised by a panel of judges comprising of Nyak Ina Raseuki (Ubiet), Bens Leo and Dwiki Dharmawan. It was an absolutely special opportunity! As usual, the performances are graded based on originality, harmony, arrangement, technique and overall performance. Apart from choosing the best five bands, judges also voted for the best vocalist, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and bassist.

As ‘Farabi Music Day’ itself is an annual tradition, the event (this year sponsored by Coca Cola and Nokia) also involved the best three bands from previous year’s ‘Farabi Music Day 1’, Captain Hook, D’Interyo and Flinstone. Teen drummer Raffi and Joshua Suherman Hattrick Band (former child singer Joshua’s band) also flaunted their musical talent at the event. Joshua performed his childhood hits “Diobok-obok” and a traditional Javanese songs, interestingly, with a rock twist. There was also a performance by six bassists, all Farabi graduates that are now a member of popular bands. With Parkdrive’s Rayendra (also a former Farabi student) on drums, under the leadership of Berry Likumahua (bassist to Gren Fredly) the six bassists performed two songs with their own vibrant and unique style.


Also during the event, ‘Farabi Music Day 1’ album, released by Musikita Records, was released. They album features performances by the ten finalist bands from ‘Farabi Music Day 1’. In addition to Captain Hook, D’Interyo and Flinstone, other participating bands include Lamp Band, Green Light, Red, Banana Split, Vodka and Dago Percussion. Don’t miss Farabi graduates’ musical action. Someday, they probably would be ’s renowned musicians. It’s great that Farabi gave them the chance to express their musical passion!

Bens Leo, ’s music observer, mentioned that Indonesian musicians dominate the music airwaves of neighboring countries such as and . Hence, the ‘birth’ of young musicians from an institution as Farabi is hoped to spawn next generation musicians to continue the prowess of their seniors. This is not impossible, as Dwiki Dharmawan, the institution’s owner, is presently working on a world-class project which involves foreign musicians.