Dwiki Dharmawan, Clinic at Musician Institute, Hollywood

April 4, 2008

Dwiki Dharmawan, Clinic at Musician Institute, Hollywood

Dwiki Dharmawan
The music of KRAKATAU : Micro-Tonal Music
May 08, 2008



On Thursday, May 8, the Keyboard Institute presents keyboard virtuoso-composer-producer Dwiki Dharmawan in a clinic/performance highlighting his unique fusion of jazz and the microtonal music of his native Indonesia.

With his band Krakatau, Dharmawan has performed around the world and released multiple albums featuring collaborations between musicians representing a variety of cultural traditions. He also heads the Farabi Music Institute in Jakarta, a cross-cultural school teaching jazz, classical and traditional Indonesian music. During his MI appearance, Dharmawan will be joined by Indonesian gamelan and fretless bass.

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