A Gift of Harmony at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

September 8, 2007

A Gift of Harmony at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Farabi Music Education Institution (LPM Farabi) is not merely a music education institution. It is a large cohesive family that has great passion for music and wishes to share the brilliance of music with the general society. On 2 September 2007, they will enthusiastically present a beautiful gift laced with swaying harmony in the form of a concert held in Jakarta ’s Art Building (GKJ). Titled ‘A Gift of Harmony’, the concert involves the ‘children’ of the Farabi Music Education Institution ‘family’. These young individuals will be showcasing their skills through performances of classical music and also modern music with an acoustic twist.


Farabi’s pride and joy will specially perform various repertoires in different packaging. Mia Tri Utama (solo piano) dance to produce ‘Fragmen’, composed by Jaya Suprana. Shinta Lestarini and Feby Sukova Nevizond (duo piano) will present ‘Blue Rondo a la Turk’ (composed by Dave Brubeck and arranged by ‘father’ Dwiki Dharmawan) and ‘Janger’ (arrangement by Dwiki Dharmawan). Azzahra Sabina Tohir, Rizky R. Argadipraja, M. Danang Prananda and Taufik Ramadhanu of Children Guitar Quartet, will showcase ‘Santarello’. There will also be a Piano Four Hand by Priska and Citra, who will be playing Japanese folk song ‘Cuckoo’. A composition by Antonio Vivaldi ‘Concerto Grosso’ is packaged in a Seven Guitar performance by Adi Rahmat, Rahmat Kusnadi, Heri Budiono, Wawan, Andang, Yoshua Refi and Donal Saputra. ‘Farabi Acoustic Connection’ consisting of Agam Hamzah, Indra, Yossie and Eril, ‘Farabi Strings Ensemble and Choir’ nurtured by Amir Katamsi and senior-junior musician collaboration ‘Farabi All Stars and the Next Generation’ comprising of Adi Darmawan, Agam Hamzah, Dwiki Dharmawan, Gerry Herb, Jeane Phialsa, Shadu, Ozzy, Gopaz, Zainal Arifin, Sefrino, Iwan Hasan, Ubiet alongside their students from Farabi will also be a part of the musical carnival.


In the spirit of warm and touching family nuance, the ‘family’ wishes to recognize the elders which have patiently and loyally dedicated themselves as music practitioners and educators. The recognition is bestowed to JB Harmonianto, Roelly Budiono, Oele Pattiselanno and the late Prahayawan Prabowo.

If our musical expressions receive such tremendous support by the large family that is Farabi, we are truly proud to be a part of this family. With great pride, we exclaim “Yes, let’s continue this musical exploration!”